Nature’s Own Center Stage

Nestled in the heart of the stunning West Virginia wilderness, The Summit Bechtel Reserve sets the stage for the Whizzbangers Ball. This 10,000-acre property is more than just a venue; it’s a sprawling canvas that enhances the overall festival experience.

Summit Bechtel Reserve

The artists showcased at the Whizzbangers Ball hold a deep affection for the Appalachian Mountains, and there’s perhaps no better embodiment of this charm than West Virginia. Celebrated for its unmatched beauty, West Virginia serves as the perfect backdrop for the Whizzbangers Ball, capturing the very essence of the Appalachian Mountains.

The choice of the Summit Bechtel Reserve as the event venue adds an extra layer of enchantment, as it offers a perfect backdrop against which the creativity and inspiration of the artists can unfold. The Whizzbangers Ball at the Summit Bechtel Reserve promises to not only be a celebration of art, but also an immersion into the natural splendor that defines West Virginia and the Appalachian region.

About the Summit

Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, a sprawling 10,000-acre haven nestled in West Virginia. Adventure isn’t just a concept here; it’s a lifestyle. From scaling rugged rock faces to soaring through treetops on a zip line, the Summit is a playground for those seeking the extraordinary.

As the sun sets over towering trees and winding trails, the Summit reveals itself as more than a destination—it’s an immersive experience. Picture camping under the vast West Virginia sky, surrounded by nature’s tranquility. With modern amenities and natural grandeur, the Summit fosters exploration and camaraderie among like-minded adventurers. Whether craving adrenaline or quiet reflection, the Summit invites you to redefine adventure, creating lasting memories in a sanctuary where every trail leads to discovery.

Summit Stadium

The Summit Bechtel Reserve stadium, accommodating over 50,000 people, offers more than just a venue – it provides an immersive experience amid nature’s beauty. With panoramic views of nearby lakes and landscapes, it sets a picturesque backdrop for any event. 

Beyond the captivating views, the stadium provides convenient access to food vendors and bars, ensuring that attendees can enjoy refreshments while taking in the spectacle. Proximity to nearby activities adds vibrancy, enabling exploration and engagement in various forms of entertainment. 

Additionally, its closeness to campgrounds creates a seamless connection between the event and the natural surroundings, ensuring a memorable adventure for everyone attending.

Getting There

The Summit Bechtel Reserve lies within close proximity to the delightful towns of Beckley and Fayetteville. What further enhances the appeal of this outdoor retreat is its accessibility, positioned conveniently with direct access from Interstate 64 and Interstate 77. This strategic placement guarantees that whether you’re arriving from the east or west, your route to The Summit Bechtel Reserve is not only surrounded by scenic vistas, but is also effortlessly accessible via these interconnected highways.

When using GPS – request directions for the Summit Bechtel Reserve North Entrance

Drive There

  • Charleston, WV – (1hr)
  • Morgantown, WV – (2.5hr)
  • Greensboro, NC – (3hr)
  • Charlottesville, VA – (3hr)
  • Pittsburgh, PA – (3.5hr)
  • Columbus, OH – (3.5hr)
  • Charlotte, NC – (3.5hr)
  • Lexington, KY – (3.5hr)
  • Richmond, VA – (4hr)
  • Asheville, NC – (4hr)